“To play without passion is inexcusable!”


Imagine the fulfillment that comes from music-making with your own skills!

Imagine the joy of making music with others and sharing it with your family and friends!


June 6, 2016

Dear Students and Families,
What an exciting two weeks we've had!  

First, the BookFair at Barnes & Noble.  Thank you to Aidan, Evelynn, Isabelle, Jacob, Natalie, Emily, Charles, and Sophie for coming to play!  You did such a great job, and we've had terrific reports from the workers at the store and those who were shopping there!  One customer enjoyed it so much he wanted to contribute to our cause by buying his book with our BookFair number!  

Then, our Duet Festival with Melody Bober--a fantastic weekend!!  Thanks to Aidan, Evelynn, Isabelle, Natalie, Gage, Daniel, Emily and Sophie for such terrific performances!!  Our conductor was very "picky" as he described himself, and everyone rose to his challenge!  Amazing things happened!  Important rests were totally silent, glissandos and big endings were all together--even some chromatic scales--and beautiful dynamics and voicing all added up to an exciting day!  Our composer, Mrs. Bober, was so impressed and I was so proud of each of you!

I'll see most of you beginning tomorrow. The Clavinova has been fixed!  (Yay!!) And, the room is arranged to give us some space for our fitness activities.  I hope you're in good shape and ready to go!!

For all the joy in  music-making,

Mrs. Buxton