“To play without passion is inexcusable!”


Imagine the fulfillment that comes from music-making with your own skills!

Imagine the joy of making music with others and sharing it with your family and friends!


December 29, 2016

Dear Students and Families,
Thank you so much for your wonderful performances and your gracious greeting of the residents of the care homes at the Christmas recitals!  The people were all thrilled to have you and to share your sing-along carols as well as your solos!

I hope everyone is gearing up for the WSU festivals in January and February!  These are some of the most wonderful opportunities we have all spring!  I sent an email earlier in the week to most of the Middle and High School students about the upcoming enrollment deadline.  I hope you can reply in the next day or two!

(Elementary through 6th graders, we have some time in January to finalize our plans and enter.)

We are excited to report that our son will be getting married on June 10!!  I will be sending you an email with a revised spring to summer calendar, so we can make that trip.  We will have lessons the week after the spring recitals, and then we will not begin in June until the 13th.  

I have color-coded this copy of the calendar so you can see all our spring events.  Please mark them on your home calendars!  And I will explain each event, as we go through the spring.

I'm also going to send you some new guidelines for spring to help us start off with and keep up a good pace for our learning this spring.  You'll love all you'll be able to accomplish!  I promise!

For the joy of sharing our music, and learning to play with great style,
Mrs. Buxton