“To play without passion is inexcusable!”


Imagine the fulfillment that comes from music-making with your own skills!

Imagine the joy of making music with others and sharing it with your family and friends!


October 18, 2015

Dear Students and Families,

What a busy season!  
We are:

  • polishing pieces for our Care-Home Recitals
  • memorizing our sequences of scales and chords
  • beginning our Christmas music
  • and completing our "Art of Music" compositions.  

Don't forget that next week is Fall Break, and there will be no lessons.  I'm going to get to complete the surgery on my second eye, and I'll soon see better than I have in 20 years!!  

But first, we'll celebrate the joy of sharing our music with audiences who will be so grateful for our coming!!  

For all the joy in  music-sharing,

Mrs. Buxton