Imagine the fulfillment that comes from music-making with your own skills!

Imagine the joy of making music with others and sharing it with your family and friends!


Wednesday, May 16
Dear Parents,

​Congratulations to all Music Progressions participants!  All that counting really paid off this year, with higher sight-playing scores than ever!  Everyone did well on their scales and chords, too!  We just have a few areas to tweak before we pass on to the next levels!

I'll see most of you at our Spring Recitals this weekend.  There will be only two, as you can see from the "Coming up..." column.  We'll be a little crowded, but it will add to the festive celebration of all your work!

Summer lessons begin next week!  We'll start some fun projects for the summer, and work on our duets for the Viva Vandall festival.  That festival will be jam-packed with people enjoying music as much as you do!

....for the joy of lots and lots of music!
Mrs. Buxton