“To play without passion is inexcusable!”


Imagine the fulfillment that comes from music-making with your own skills!

Imagine the joy of making music with others and sharing it with your family and friends!


September 12, 2016

Dear Students and Families,
We're off to a great start for our studio year!  We're recycling study papers to remind us of past accomplishments and talking about new adventures--this year in the "Language of Music."  

We''ll have a chance to speak a little of that language to each other next Saturday when we enjoy the first of our "Performance Classes" this year.  We'll explore our pieces together and help each other understand all the possibilities in them--just like our favorite books and movies, with their tales of adventure and special effects!

Saturday is the 17th, and you may sign up for the 1:00 or the 3:00 class.  We'll have treats! (Of course!)  Please let me know ASAP which class you can attend!    If you have games that don't allow for either of these times, we could add a morning session.....just let me know right away so I can notify everyone else.

For all the joy in  music-making,

Mrs. Buxton