Imagine the fulfillment that comes from music-making with your own skills!

Imagine the joy of making music with others and sharing it with your family and friends!


Tuesday, January 2
Dear Families,
‚ÄčI hope you've all had some great family time during the Christmas and New Year's holidays!  I know that some of you have been sick, and I hope you're feeling much better!   My thanks to the two parents who sent pictures of their children seated at their piano/keyboard!  Please keep those coming!  We need to make sure everyone is playing safely!

By the way, a man from our church is willing to give a beautiful upright antique piano to anyone who can arrange to have it moved from our church in Park City.  If your child is playing on a keyboard, this piano will make a world of difference!!

I played piano duets with a young teacher friend on her Christmas recital, and got excited about her "composer of the year" idea.  I've decided to do that for all of us this winter, so we can get "Back to 
Bach" (and since everyone has a little Bach! ;-) with a take-home work page so everyone in the family can enjoy the story of his dedication to music, and the beautiful sounds, through using YouTube links I've set up for you.  

Then, to cap off our weeks of Bach's story and music, we'll celebrate with a birthday party on March 10 (our usual theory-class day).  Each student will have a little Bach piece, or a little Bach-ish piece to play for each other, and I'll find out how Baroque people celebrated birthdays so we can do the same!

Good luck to Gage Conrady, Ethan Chouinard, Joshua Kelley and Sophie Peterson at the WSU Festival in January!  I'll be proud of the wonderful style they all have as they perform!

See you all soon!!

For the joy of  music, 
Mrs. Buxton